How Many Soul Mates Can You Have?

People use the term soul mate in ways which can give it different meanings. For some, a soul mate is a person who they feel incredibly close to, or have a deep affinity with. For others it means a adult personals who they have shared a past life with, in which case one may have several soul mates with whom you have shared different past lives. For many people they simply yearn to meet their one true love in this life, and wonder how they can optimize their chances of attracting this soul mate.

Any discussion of soul mates inevitably involves the question of past life regression and how it actually works. For anyone who is skeptical, yet curious, I would definitely recommend that you read any book, a prominent psychiatrist whose young adult personals in therapy suddenly online dating back into a past life, to both of their immense surprise. This experience triggered a major turning point in his career. Dr Weiss is one of many well educated, extremely experienced, main stream medical professionals whose beliefs have been altered through such events; they have become enlightened. Of course, if is difficult to provide scientific proof, although much evidence has been compiled which supports the fact that we do in actual fact live through many life cycles; and during each cycle we may meet another soul, or several, with whom we have spent time in one or more of our past lives.

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Fewer people question what happens between lives; where do we go? What do we do? Michael Newton has devoted 20 years of his amazing career to this end and has compiled too much correlating evidence of lives between lives for it to be ignored. His research indicates that we live within our own soul group, our own family if you like, with our extended family nearby, and sex personals and so on, in a similar way to how we live on earth. Souls spend much time in learning, and in planning their next incarnation; the aim of which is to provide the most conducive environment for the next chosen learning curve. Thus souls plan who will be certain key people in their next life, and take on different roles in each life, so as to learn through real experience. This adds new meaning to the terms “old soul” or “twin soul”; terms which are often used in a somewhat flippant manner actually have a far more significant meaning when understood from this perspective.

Returning to the original question of how many soul mates one can have, Newton’s research would indicate that souls live in a family group which totals perhaps 20 in all and some within this group will often choose to incarnate at the same time adult dating, each taking on a different role. It is quite likely that you have three or four of your closer soul mates appearing at some point or another during your current incarnation.

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