Women Dating – Guide to Dating Girls Ejaculation

Yes. It is true. Women can and do shout. Just like men’s ejaculate, this liquid is associated with intense sexual pleasure and comes in varying quantities and with wide-ranging intensity.

The fluid itself is similar to that of male prostastic fluids and as in the case of men, sometimes ejaculation and orgasm occur simultaneously and sometimes they are separate experiences. For some women, ejaculation can be intensely pleasurable and evident, while for others their experience may range from discomfort to indifference. For other women, ejaculation can go unnoticed during sexual intercourse. Each of these women dating experiences is normal and healthy. Our bodies are unique and just as each person reacts differently to the foods we consume, we also respond uniquely to sexual stimuli and touch.

Dating Girls

Dating Girls

Some dating girls ejaculate easily, others hold back and others have learned to facilitate ejaculation through G-spot stimulation and bearing down with their PC muscles. Despite controversy around the G-spot, it does exist. Its stimulation may not be intensely pleasurable for all women, but the area on the urethral sponge definitely exists and contains erectile tissue that can be a source of sexual pleasure.

Many women dating hold back their ejaculate by tensing their PC muscles out of fear that they may spray urine during sex. If this concerns you, consider emptying your bladder before sex play.

And bear in mind that ejaculation it not a sideshow trick. If it happens, it happens. If not, no worries! Enjoy your body’s sexual response and rest assured that there are no “better” or “authentic” orgasms. You define your own online personals pleasure however you might experience it.

If you want to experiment with ejaculation, tone your PC muscles through daily Kegel exercises. During sex dating try stimulating the G-spot by reaching into your vagina and feeling the ridge-like area on the upper vaginal wall. If you become aroused and are nearing orgasm, try bearing down or pushing out your PC muscles and see what happens. Some women describe their ejaculation as a small dribble and others squirt more powerfully.

For many women, intercourse does not offer enough sex dating stimulation to produce orgasm or ejaculation, so try it out on your own first to learn to recognize this aspect of your sexual response. If you are concerned about urinating, you will likely tense up and avoid bearing down, so try to let yourself go and place a towel beneath you if you are worried about the mess.

I receive many inquiries about female ejaculation and have been reluctant to write about it, because I do not want to add to the pressure that dating girls (and men) already experience in the bedroom. So let me reiterate that all sex should exclude pressure. Great lovers focus on sensations and feelings as opposed to goals and performance.

If you experiment with G-spot stimulation and do not enjoy it or never experience ejaculation, that is just fine. Orgasms feel great with or without ejaculation. Appreciate the time you have taken to learn about your body and your unique likes and dislikes.

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